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Everyone loves a good cover band. It is great after a day on the punt, to lean back on the bar and enjoy the pub band playing a few classics. However, all the cover bands in the world need to have a meeting and all agree to stop playing certain songs; songs that were bad when they were written by their respective artists, and have only got worse with ten million renditions in pubs over the years. The top of the list is Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel. I  hate this song, and every single cover band in the world seems to play it! It needs to be retired. Others include Mustang Sally, Blister In the Sun, Wonderwall, Sweet Home Alabama and the grand daddy of them all… the number one cover song that has to be retired by everyone who has ever sung it including its original artist… Brown Eyed fu+*ing Girl.

Ok yes the cover band’s job is to entertain, but come  on guys, get rid of the songs that were bad to start with and have got worse.

In fact, we might just need to do something about bands playing covers period. A lot of the time it is great, but sometimes it flat out sucks. The number one example of this is U2 covering the Beatles’ Helter Skelter. This is one of the great songs of all time by the best band of all time… then bloody U2, millionaires at the time mind you, think ‘why not wreck the best song ever just to grab a few extra bucks.’ Bloody U2! What have they ever done for anyone!

Then there is the inverse. Bands that do covers, and their version is superior to the original. Two that come to mind are Jimi Hendrix doing Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower. Hendrix’s version was so good that Bob Dylan famously declared that the song ‘now belongs to Jimi.’

Yes Hurt by Nine Inch Nails was given to Johnny Cash, but Nine Inch Nails suck and the song sucked until Cash got hold of it.

My personal favourite is Johnny Cash’s version of Tom Petty’s Classic I won’t back down. Cash covered the song and Petty was so impressed that he asked Cash if he could possibly sing on the cover version. So Petty sings backing lyrics on his own song that is being covered by johnny Cash!

So in conclusion, cover bands… stop playing Brown Eyed Girl!

Get a job fellas!

Sometimes bands cover other bands and it just works…

Here the second worst band to ever play music (Nickleback) covering a song by the worst band to ever play music (Kings of Leon). Really, this actually happened. Anyone who knows A Turf Fascination personally will know how funny I found this! A shit band running out of shit songs, so they cover a shit song by the next shittest band! Priceless!

Just to prove a point, a band named One Direction covered the same Kings of Leon song!

So Kings of Leon, Nickleback and One Direction all play the one Kings of Leon song. You can’t make this stuff up!

While we are at it… is it The King’s of Leon? Kings of Leon or King’s of Leon. How can there be more than one King of Leon at any one time. Terrible band with a terrible name.

And also Nickleback cover Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl must be on suicide watch! He was in Nirvana and now Nickleback are covering his best song. I would rather watch question time in Australian Parliament on the abc than attend a Nickleback gig! And I would rather watch 14 hours of Keeping Up With the Kardashians than listen to Kings of Leon.



2.6. Pilly’s Wish. In good form, but might just be a touch under the odds.

9.14. Word of Mouth. Won like Tulloch last start and a similar performance wlll see him winning again.


3.9. Napoleon. An average horse in a bad race. Will at least run the trip right out.

6.1. Dothraki. Best horse in the race by a long way. We are only getting $3.60 because of the bad barrier. Should be even money.

Sunshine Coast

2.7. Wicked Investment. In ok form and is dropping in class.

4.1. Excellantes. The first ever Hall of Fame inductee looks the good here. I think he will win then will be retired. Go!

6.2. Major Major. Best of the day. If it rains, this gelding (out of Private Steer!) will be close to a good thing.

7.11. Elitist. Huge odds but has a great first up record. Worth an each way bet.

Good luck and stat tuned.




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One unbelievable run

Originally posted on A Turf Fascination:

Hello everyone

God’s Own was not a very good horse. He in fact only ever won three races. One was a two-year-old handicap, one was a class 3 three-year-old race and the other was the Group One Caulfield Guineas. In his Caulfield Guineas win, the colt was flattened shortly after the start in interference that led the race caller to mentioned that God’s Own had ‘been knocked out of the race.’ From here the colt had to sit last out three wide and in the straight when making his run he got flattened another two times. Have a look at this run. It is hard to see, but God’s Own jumps from the widest barrier and it smashed about 200m after the start…

If betfair was invented in 2005 (which it might have been) it would have been interesting to see what the colt traded at during the run in…

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Born during times like these in the free world

Hello every Wisdom Without question, the most misunderstood political campaign song in history is Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” Used in countless political rallies over the past 25 years, Springsteen’s classic rock song is considered by many to be the ultimate “All-American” song. Many fist-pumping, beer-drinking fans at baseball games all over America have sung along with the tune’s catchy chorus, not realizing the true meaning of Springsteen’s popular tune. All-American tune? Quite the contrary, Springsteen’s song is an angry diatribe against America’s treatment of Vietnam veterans. It also deals with the effects the war had on America, and would seem to be, at least partially, about a friend (or friends) of Springsteen’s who had been killed serving in the war. ‘We still there, he’s all gone’ then silence into the bridge. “Born in the U.S.A.” was initially written in 1981. It was recorded in 1982 in New York. It was to be the first song on the title track of Bruce’s Born in the U.S.A. album. The album (and the song, the first written for the album) were both smash hits. The album went multi-platinum, selling 18 million copies. The song became an instant classic, its huge popularity attributed, in part, to the fact that the song is hymn to the greatness of America. In 1984, during his campaign for the presidency, Ronald Reagan used the song briefly as a campaign song. Reagan was quoted as saying, “America’s future rests in a thousand dreams inside our hearts. It rests in the message of hope in the songs of a man so many young Americans admire: New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen. And helping you make those dreams come true is what this job of mine is all about.” Springsteen, a devout liberal, had the Reagan campaign stop using his song. Then we had George W. Bush using the Foo Fighters ”Times Like These” as a political campaign song during his reelection campaign in 2004. Dave Grohl was so pissed off he called up the White House! Grohl… It was not a good feeling. I talked to my lawyer and we tried to send him a cease and desist order, something that said, ‘You’re not allowed to use my fucking music,’ but there were loopholes. I thought the best way to show what I thought was to join the John Kerry campaign. Then the other day we had Donald Trump walk out to his first rally to Neil Young’s classic Rockin in the Free World… When Young heard about Trump using his song, he responded with… “Yesterday my song ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ was used in an announcement for a U.S. presidential candidate without my permission. A picture of me with this candidate was also circulated in conjunction with this announcement, but it was a photograph taken during a meeting when I was trying to raise funds for Pono, my online high-resolution music service. Music is a universal language. So I am glad that so many people with varying beliefs get enjoyment from my music, even if they don’t share my beliefs. But had I been asked to allow my music to be used for a candidate, I would have said no. I am Canadian and I don’t vote in the United States, but more importantly, I don’t like the current political system in the USA and some other countries. None for three for the Republicans. But when Obama starting campaigning… And at the inauguration… First dance as the President. May as well get Queen B in to pump out a bit of Etta James Then just a casual Saturday night at the White House. Obama made a few calls and got Grohl and McCartney around for a few beers and a jam… The message is loud and clear Republicans… call up Nickleback, the Kings of Leon or Creed and get them play your campaign songs. Maybe Good Charlotte, but they might be Australia, I am not sure. Punt Flemington 1.1. El Greco. Won well last time and this is easier. 5.3. Hard Romp. Loves the straight and is in good form. 6.9. Lucciloa. We over the odds at 20-1 especially with Boss aboard. 7.1. Kenjorwood. Flemington is his  track. Best of the day. 9.1. Miss Rose De Lago. The weight is a worry, but she is all class and the $9 will ease the weight concern. Rosehill 4.1. Bonfire. Second best of the day. Looks ready to win. 5.4. Echo Gal. Flying on the track and at the trials. Is each way value. 8.8. Private Secretary. Won like Bernborough last time. A similar performance here will be good enough. Morphetteville 1.2. Now And Zen. Will win this then will win the National at Warrnambool in a few weeks. 8.5. Creance. A good horse and he will win again one day. 20-1 is overs. Doomben 5.5. The Storeman. Fastest horse in the race, but the last 50m will be a worry. Should look the winner at some stage. Belmont 2.8. This Cat Rocks. Up to his right trip now and has a class edge. 20-1 looks way over the odds. 5.4. Tower of Lonhro. Will be storming home. Good luck and stay tuned.

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18 April 2009

Hello everyone

The champion Takeover Target has passed away, so lets reflect on his greatest Australian victory.

It was 18 April 2009, the race was the T.J. Smith Stakes at Randwick. Takeover Target was a s fat as a house, he was first up after a successful trip to Perth and he was unwanted in the market. His opposition included multiple Group One winner and perhaps the best grey horse of the 21st century Racing To Win, the champion sprinter and multiple Group One winner Apache Cat and the gun colt Northern Meteor. Apache Cat was coming off a Group One win and it was Northern Meteor’s last start. Gai had already sold the rights to the colt, and in a race named after her father, she would have had Northern Meteor wound right up and ready to win. Nicconi was coming off the Group One Galaxy and was a sprinter on the rise.

If A Turf Fascination was framing  market on this race, which I no doubt did somewhere to some unsuspecting fools, (or maybe I was the unsuspecting fool) it would have read…

$2.30 – Apache Cat

$4.20 – Northern Meteor

$5.00 – Nicconi

$6 – Racing To Win

$10 Takeover Target

Here is what happened and this is a true demonstration of a champion…


This was a sensational win. I still can’t believe it.

Good luck and stay tuned.

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Egg – $1.80. Chicken $2.10

Hello everyone


A bit of video wisdom today. Enjoy…

Bonus Wisdom

Reader exercise. For the next week listen carefully to every AFL player, coach, official and commentator. Count how many times for the week one of them says something they think is mildly amusing and they follow it with a ‘but um.’ As soon as any footy person says anything remotely out of the box or funny, they follow up with ‘but um.’ It is really starting to piss me off!


Ok first of all we better have a look at Royal Ascot night 4. Night three was a horror, but we can bounce back tonight.

Royal Ascot Day 4.

1.3. Back at the Ranch. Wesley Ward again. He is the second best trainer of two-year-olds in the world so stick with him. There are 16 last start winners in this race.

2.7. Stravagante. Sir Mick Stoute and my man Frankie D. Go well.

3.6. Home of the Brave. James McDonald aboard and in great form.

4.3. Found. Favourite and looks at great chance.

5.7. Gold Trail. Very fit and good odds.

6.1. Aloft. Best of the night.

Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley can get stuffed because the races are being blacked out. I mean how hard can it be to get a race on television. Boycott!


Randwick can get stuffed also. It is a heavy 12 as we speak and if the races go ahead it will be simple guess work and anything can win.

Gold Coast

3.10. Harlem River. As long as the track is not a heavy, this filly will win. She is flying.

4.1. Bachman. Back in form and looks to get a good run.

6.1. Epingle. Has to give boys weight, but handles any tracks and is clearly the one to beat.

7.4. Catkins. It her day. Her main danger and the best filly in Australia Najoom, does not have a run in the race (if she does back her also!) and the other main dangers have horrible barriers. Catkins will sit behind the leaders and pounce late. She is the best each way bet of the day. Remember to have a small win bet also on Najoom of she gets a run.

8.14. Kaepernick. Unlucky last time and looks ready to win here.


2.6. Cruz’n Now. In good form and at decent each way odds.

4.4. Kenetic Energy. Stepping up in grade but has been winning easily so can make the leap.

8.7. Moonlight Forest. Usually needs a run and is first up here, but this race is not exactly the Cox Plate.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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Royal Ascot Day 3

Hello everyone

Another two winners last night. Two winners and a second. We are getting better. No Aussies tonight to distort our form so good luck.

Race 1. Norfolk Stakes

5. King Of Rocks. Yes we got an odds on favourite beaten last night, but this one will win. Won last two with style and my man Frankie D does not lose on odds on chances (oh touch wood!).

Race 2. Tercentenary Stakes

11. Peacock. Pretty even race here but this colt is in grand form and he is at each way odds. Back him each way.

Race 3. Ribblesdale Stakes.

3. Entertainment. 50-1 but that is only because of a dud last run. He is much better than a rank outsider.

Race 4. Ascot Gold Cup

The Dermott Weld horse will be hard to beat, but for mine it is the Melbourne Cup 4th placegetter 6. Simenon. He is eight but he will run the trip.

Race 5. Britannia Stakes.

Yep this race is pretty hard to decipher. 30 horses over 1600m. Yep, impossible. 18. Capel Path maybe because I know the trainer.

Race 6. King George V Stakes

5. Dissolution. Sir Mick Stout trains and R. Moore aboard yet close to double figures. Worth an each way bet.

Good luck and stay tuned.



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Royal Ascot Day 2

Hello everyone

After two winners from six races, here are my thoughts on Royal Ascot Day 2.

Race 1. The Jersey Stakes.

Back two here. They are both at good value. 8. Hathal with Frank D aboard and the Coolmore owned 11. Sir Isaac Newton. Both will be at double figure odds.

Race 2. Queen Mary Stakes

2. Acapulco. Sticking with Wesley Ward here. He will have a winner forever and after last night’s going terrible, this one at $6 might be the go.

Race 3. Duke of Cambridge Stakes

1. Integral. Odds on chances have a great record at Royal Ascot so just back this one and hope the record continues.

Race 4. The Prince Of Wales Stakes.

5. Free Eagle from the Aussie 3. Criterion. Both will be up the front and a quinella looks a big chance.

Race 5. Royal Hunt Cup.

12. Speculative Bid. A huge field here and at least this one has some good form on the board.

Race 6. Sandringham Handicap.

3. Always Smile. The favourite ($3.50) and is the best of the night.

Good luck and stay tuned.



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