Still abroad, but form is done

Hello everyone


A few tips again this week. No wisdom as time is not my friend at the minute with 10 hours of surfing a day!

Moonee Valley

2.5. Demonstrate. Not giving up on this boy. He has talent and at $13 is worth some each way thought.

3.5. Il Cavallo. Will be in front and be very hard to run down.

7.11. Raposo. Will be last but will be almost impossible to hold out late in the race. Has won at this track before.


2.2 Kimberley Star. One of the best fillies in the land. Heading towards the Golden Rose.

5.2. Centre Pivot. Light weight Epsom hope so he will have to be on his game first up on Saturday.


3.9. Kaiser Franz. Well weighted and in good form.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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Originally posted on A Turf Fascination:

Hello everyone

Right. Just a quick post today. We will have  look at the last year or so of the career of quality stayer Reckless.

The first thing we need to know about Reckless is that he was trained by Tommy Woodcock. Yes the same Tommy Woodcock that did not leave Phar Lap’s side from 1928 until the champ died in 1932. Here is Tommy with Phar Lap in 1930 aged 24.


A super photo and a great display of a horsemen and his relationship with his favourite charge.

Right, to be honest Reckless was not that good. He could stay and he was trained to peak over the two miles (3200m) in the Melbourne Cup in November in 1976. He did his best in this race, but he ran 4th. He was not good enough to win, and he, in the famous 1976 mud, could not beat Van Der Hum. But…

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Hello everyone

Streamlined tips this week. Busy busy busy! Rest assured, despite the lack of comments, the form has been done.


5.4. Pilly’s Wish

7.2. Lord Of The Sky

9.7 Miss Rose De Lago


1.5. Demonstrate

2.1. Balboa Park

5.7. Reigning Meteor

That is it!

Good luck and stay tuned.


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Bullet wound to the foot

Hello everyone

Racing is in disarray. There is no two ways about it. A Turf Fascination works every day to promote racing. Gai Waterhouse, who pays the bills at this here website, spends 10,000 hours a year of unpaid labour promoting racing. And what for?

Firstly, why the f<*k can’t whoever the brain surgeon in charge is, simply put the races on television to start with? In a time when more and more people are leaving racing to bet on sports, you would think putting the races on television might be beneficial for everyone. But someone has decided that everyone would be better off without Victorian races on tv. Stupidity.

Secondly, the only news is bad news. Peter Moody would not have personally put colbalt  into one of his horses. He knows if he is caught it is going to cost him two years revenue (150 million), one million out of his kick in legal costs and a ruined reputation. Why would he do this just for a spike in performance in one million dollar race. The risk is not worth the reward. But he will be hung if the press and the stewards get their own way. Accept that in trying to be successful in the industry, one trainer can’t babysit 150 horses and 100 employees every day.

Sydney! Sydney. The tracks are heavy, the fields are small and horses on 85% of the track can’t win no matter how good they are. If you were to go to the races at Randwick on a Saturday and took $84 for the day, after a bus from the city, entry, a race book, a sandwich and one beer, you would have exactly $4 to bet on the first. Hope it wins! If you sit at home you can get a slab for $40 and have $44 to bet on the first.

Make racing more accessible to everyone. This means put the bloody races on television, make entry free to the races and prepare fair tracks that people are comfortable betting on.

Last Sunday it was 4 degrees at the Warrnambool jumps races, pouring rain  and miserable. Yet this track, four hours from Melbourne, had a bigger crowd than any of the last ten Saturdays in Sydney. But several bloggers who hate jumps racing and love negativity still made it into the news by bagging the meeting. These people are the definition of trolls and they should be banned from the internet for life.

So this is a call to all other racing people. If everyone stops being selfish and simply does their bit for the next person then racing can boom once again. As we stand, why would a young boy or girl want to go to the races? The race track divides the rich and poor; the rich get free beer while the poor pay $10 for a stubby.

Make it even

Good luck and stay tuned.


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The piece of Flake

Hello everyone


This week’s wisdom is aimed at the Shark. Old Greg Norman aka Flakey or the Gummy Shark. Before Greg got too cool for Australia and moved to America and well before he decided to start marrying random chicks and giving them thirty or forty million each upon inevitable divorce a year later, old Greg was an Aussie sports icon. But for mine he under achieved. We all know about the chokes including this sorry moment for anyone who got up at 3am to watch… including me!

In 1986 Greg lead all four majors after three rounds. He scrapped home in one.

In the 1987 Masters, Flakey somehow lost to a bloke who really should have had a handicap of 15 named Larry Mize. The 11th at Augusta is a brute of a par 4 and on this occasion was the first playoff hole in a sudden death playoff between Greg, Seve and Mize. Seve and Greg were the two best players in the world with respect to an aging Golden Bear. This below video is remarkable. Larry Mize needs to get it up and down (two shots from where he is) to just stay in the playoff. He goes one better.

At his prime I would give Tiger or even Phil 200-1 of making this chip…

So this was not really Greg’s fault, and to be honest I am not sure why I am bagging him. But just of late he is sending out pictures of his almost sixty year old bare chest for the world to see… we don’t need to see that crap!

He almost cut his arm off gardening. If he can afford 3o million a year in divorce costs, he can afford a gardener!




He refuses to play golf, which is the only thing he is good at.

Oh yeah, he also has a statute of his bust in his front yard…


And he never said sorry to the five million of us who got up at 3am to watch him lose the 1996 Masters, not to mention the bloke who beat him, Sir Nick ‘me me me me me me’ Faldo had close to 100 last night in the Open Championship. Par is 72. If you are going to lose Sharky Boy after having a six shot buffer, lose to an Aussie or a hard doing (but not god bothering) American or a Flamboyant Spaniard, but not to a par making, birdie avoiding, eagle wishing but never achieving wanker like Faldo!

So Shark, if you are reading this, stop with all the modeling and financial planning and get back on the course. You owe us!

Trivia question. After being number one for ten years or so, and dominating world golf while making many millions in prize money, how many majors in America (three of the four majors are played in the States) has the Shark won?



1.2. Demonstrate. Best of the day

4.7. Il Cavallo. Loves it soft and looks hard to beat.

6.1. Rough Justice. Forget the weight, this boy looks the goods.

9.11. Shikarpour. If he finds clear galloping room, he will be storming home.


Not very confident here as for the tenth week in a row it will be bottomless heavy.

1.1. Soviet Courage. Loves the wet and should have more weight.

2.6. Francesco. Won like Tulloch last start and would be $1.50 if the track was dry.

5.2. Shiraz. Very honest and rarely runs a bad race.


2.1. Excellantes. Second best of the day. The Hall of Famer should be winning tomorrow.

That is it.

Good luck and stay tuned.





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Originally posted on A Turf Fascination:

Hello everyone

Imagine how the poor jockeys were feeling in each of the below videos when they realized in fact they had not won the race because there was another lap left! It happens more often than you might think. Sometimes a race is a lap and a half of a track or even three laps and in some cases and the jockeys just forget and think they have won the first time past the post.

Or in America. This poor bugger salutes and all!

Sometimes the jockeys absolutely slaughter one but it still wins and the jockey looks like a genius. Have a look at this race. Keep an eye on the horse that storms into the right hand side of the shot at the 18 seconds mark. It is wearing a pink cap and has already missed the start and received a bad check when it arrives in…

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Bang Paris

Hello everyone


This week’s wisdom is a retrospective wisdom. It would have been way better in 1996, but unfortunately this bloke was the only one with the internet back then…

Bill Gates

How the hell did the French get away with testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean on beautiful atolls? Even the Americans who are mad, tested all their bombs in the desert in Nevada and New Mexico, and they stopped publicly testing them after the end of the Cold War. But in 1996, 7 years after the Berlin Wall came down, and nuclear war was at its lowest probability since 1945, why the hell were the French bothering to test their weapons. They no doubt were trying to demonstrate to the world their capabilities, but fair go France… you come off your first win in a war in 200 years (they were allied with the USA during the Cold War) and they think ‘why not really start intimidating others!’ It is equivalent to a teenage boy belting his 14 year old brother then thinking he could fight Mike Tyson.  And what were they going to do with these weapons! Surrender them to the enemy after six weeks! Ok that was a cheap shot, because truth be known, France were still stuffed after WWI when the were invaded by the Germans in WWII, so they were never going to win, but yes they could have had a crack!

France for 1000 years was brawling with England, then all of a sudden in the early 1900s the poms and frogs were best mates walking into war together to take on the Germans. France got decimated in WWI, then almost wiped out in WWII, then through the Marshall plan and the Truman Doctrine, the french received a share of West Germany, were built back up by the Americans and set back on their way. Then in 1966 they developed a nuclear bomb which they needed at the time as they were in close proximity to the Russians. However in 1996, when all other nukes on earth were under lock and key, the French still were testing their bombs at this place…


Atoll de Mururoa, that ended up looking like this…


Mururoa  Atoll is less than 1000 miles from this place of some note…


water view of a tubing wave at Teahupoo, Tahiti

Teahupoo Tahiti


What a pack of pricks! How would we feel in Melbourne if they were nuclear testing in Brisbane and all the currents and prevailing trade winds were taking the nuclear winter straight towards us? And so close to Tahiti! In fact the tests would have ‘radiated’ a lot of fish that all countries on the pacific rely on. Still to this day,  some fish caught in the Pacific show adverse affects (effects… I never get this one right) from these tests.

But more than that…  why were they testing a bomb that they will never use (unless they accidentally drop it on themselves which is not out of the question) at such a tropical paradise? Colonialism was dead by 1996, yet because the French felt they still had a foot hold in French Polynesia still in 1996, they decided they had the right to make this place unlivable for the next few hundred years.

Come on France… in retrospect, this may have been the dumbest decision the government ever made. And this is a government that once bowed down to a bloke who may not have been five feet tall!


A crack at the entire card at Finals day Flemington…

1.2. Royal Rumble. Adelaide horse that has been winning well in lesser grade.

2.9. Our Harmony. Won last Saturday in much the same company. Good value at $10.

3.12. Niminypiminy. Unlucky last start and at big odds is worth a $1 each way.

4.11. Shikarpour. Best horse in the race, and if he settles he will take a power of beating.

5.2. Raposo. Running for the third week in a row, however he will savage the line and looks hard to beat.

6.1. Kansas Sunflower. Winner this track and trip in the past. Looked better last start and on natural improvement, will be right in the finish here. A special.

7.15. Ventic. No weight, a good barrier and well into a good preparation.

8.3. Hard Romp. Another special. Can’t see this boy missing a place.

9.6. Ava’s Delight. Stepping up in trip, but with no weight and a good recent win, she looks a great each way chance.


Race 1. Quinella 1 + 3. Can’t see these two finishing any closer than 50 yards ahead of the rest of the field.

7.1. Georgey Aeroplane. Loves the wet and it is raining in Sydney (has been for two months).


Race 5. Trifecta 1,2,3. Three good chances and the only three chances in the race.


4.1. Pendlebury. An underrated horse named after an overrated footballer. Was unlucky last start and should bounce back here in lesser grade.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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