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Has anyone ever heard of a filly named Briseis? Come on, have a think??? No? Well fair enough. The filly won the Melbourne Cup in 1876. For a filly to win the Melbourne Cup is remarkable enough. In fact only three fillies have ever won the great race and the last one was in 1921. Briseis won the race in 1876 by a length and a half at 7-1 in front of 75,000 people (Melbourne’s population at the time was 207,000 so just a lazy 36% of the population turned out!). In second place was another filly named Sibyl with an entire named Timothy back in third. Timothy was trained by Archer’s trainer Mr E. De Mestre’s.

So what was so special about this win? Apart from the winner being a filly (which is special), the time was not great and the winning was weight was almost the lowest ever. Actually it is important to note that Briseis was ridden to vixtory in the 1876 Melbourne Cup by an 11-year-old boy named Peter St. Albans! But what is rarely ever discussed is the fact that on the Saturday before the Melbourne Cup, Briseis won the VRC Derby. She remains one of very few fillies to have ever won the Derby and she is definitely the only filly to ever win the Derby – Cup double. Then to just make sure she had a really good week, the filly on the Thursday won the VRC Oaks! The 2500m Derby on the Saturday,  the 3200m Melbourne Cup on the Tuesday and the 2500m Oaks on the Thursday. John Hawkes won’t run a gelding over 1200m twice in a month!

Phar Lap famously won four races during Melbourne Cup week 1930 and that is a record that probably won’t ever get equaled. But for this filly Briseis to have won the three Classic in the Cup week 1876 is almost as great. It might even be better. Briseis also won a Doncaster when she was a two-year-old. She indeed was the very essence of an early runner!



We need things like this to happen more often. Imagine the hype if a filly attempted a treble like this again. Fillies have a huge weight advantage during the spring and more of them should be aimed at the better races. No filly has even run in the Cox Plate since Samantha Miss.

Good luck and stay tuned.

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Hello everyone


What has been the stupidest decision in the history of American domestic policy? Not foreign policy (wars, and so on), but Domestic policy. It has to be the decision in the 1920s to introduce prohibition into America. Prohibition… the making of drinking and selling alcohol illegal. Prohibition was easily the most extreme, ill-judged, costly and ignored experiment in social engineering ever conducted. At a stroke of a pen, it shut down the fifth largest industry in America. It took some $2 billion a year ($127 billion by today’s standards) out of the hands of legitimate business and put it in the hands of murderous thugs. It made criminals out of honest people and overall it actually increased drinking in America. This just shows that ‘dogooders’ rarely have any idea at all about anything. Almost everything about Prohibition was stupid. The Treasury of all places… the treasury, was charged with enforcing the new laws. The Prohibition department of the treasury hired 1,520 agents in total and gave them the task of trying to prevent over 100,000,000 people (75,000 people per agent) from drinking alcohol. These 1,520 also had to police an area of 3.5 million square miles that encompassed around 20,000 towns and cities. The agents also had to protect 18,700 miles of coastline from smugglers. In the first year, the Federal Government lost $500 million in beer tax alone. That was almost 10% of their national income. And as above-mentioned, all this money went into the kick of organised criminals. Then as a final piece of stupidity, the American government created a policy to poison a random selection of citizens as to try and keep the population sober. In just one year of this policy (of course it was denied) almost 12,000 people died. Alcohol was still allowed to be made as it was used for a variety of other purposes. Inevitably this alcohol would end up in glasses, so the government poisoned some of it at random to try and scare people into not drinking. The first year after Prohibition was introduced there was 20,000 salons in Chicago. There was 3,000 the year before! Prohibition is a perfect example of what can go wrong when a few people that are so morally correct are allowed to make decisions for the many. A similar thing is going on with jumps racing as we speak. If the 200 people that want jumps racing banned get their way, then well, for the sake of 200 people, Victoria will lose an important industry that many hundreds of thousands of people love. Prohibition is by far the stupidest thing a major government has ever done to their own people (again less war). Prohibition was enforced on one hundred million people on the want of less than 20,000.


Jesus drank wine! What if they wanted to bar him from having a drink at his last supper!


2.2. More Radiant. Best horse in the field and gets weight relief finally!

5.2. Kenjorwood. Won like Phar Lap last start. Should be $1.50 but is $2.50.


3.8. Swing Sensation. Likes the wet and is at good each way odds.

6.1.. Major Major. The best of the day. was $5, now $3. Get on quickly.


1.6. Hvasstan. Close to finding his best form. His best should win this race.

5.2. Worthy Cause. Hopefully he wins this then wins the Derby.

8.15. Time For War. 30-1 but will be in front with 100m to run.

9.14. Najoom. Superstar in the making.


7.3. Karacatis. Second best of the day.

Good luck and stay tuned.

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Just $7

Originally posted on A Turf Fascination:

Hello everyone

This might be an inverse marketing ploy, but below is the abstract, introduction and conclusion of The Bernborough Phenomenon, my book that about 0.0001% of the world’s population has purchased. If you like the start and the end and are interested in the body of the book, then please click on the right hand side and purchase the thing. It is just $7.


To a person who has a passing interest in horse racing or a once-a-year punter who might be looking at Bernborough’s racing record, they will see that he was competitive as a two-year-old, unbeaten as a three-year-old and average as a four and five-year-old. Yet as a six and seven-year-old he became the best horse in Australia. Bart Cummings notes regularly in television and radio interviews that horses don’t improve to become champions nor can they be trained to become a champion. They are…

View original 2,474 more words

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Arranged Marriage

Hello everyone


Those regular readers of A Turf Fascination would know that reality television does not rate very highly in terms of its importance in everyday life at this here website. In fact on more than one occasion, A Turf Fascination may have described reality television as the biggest scourge on mankind since Vietnam. Then just when you think mankind (reality mankind) has reached its lowest of low points, you flick over to Channel Nine and this comes on…

F%*k me! Why not sell your daughters and sisters for three oxen and a vase of olive oil! The ancient Greek land owners once (in antiquity) sent their 12-year-old daughters of to get married (and beaten and raped senseless) to their wealthy neighbours just to make a few bucks on the side. This television show may just be the worst thing since some sadist thought of the Kardashians. Why the hell would anyone in 2015 want an arranged marriage to someone that they have never met? How about the girl who speaks first on the ad… ‘I never thought I would be 37 and unmarried’ she says. Is the answer really to ‘whore’ yourself out to a television network, marry some other poor desperate being all so you can be the source of entertainment to those too lazy to flick the channel? Is the culture of the celebrity so dire in Australia, that people like this poor girl think that they will somehow live happily ever after like a Kardashian if they allow the world to see them at their lowest point? Is there such thing as privacy in people’s lives anymore? Is there anyone out there who thinks that perhaps they would be better served if not everyone in Australia knew their business?

If this show is fair-dinkum and these people are actually getting married ,then you can come and bet with me on the marriages lasting.

Reality television, in the humble (but usually right) opinion of A Turf Fascination, is the worst aspect of popular culture in Australia. White rappers from rich Sydney families singing about doing it hard in the ‘burbs’ despite going to private schools and living off trust funds, are better than reality tv.

Bonus Wisdom…



3.11. Kraftwerk. This horse was going to be the best of the carnival at Warrnambool until 10,000 A Turf Fascination readers started to back it and it was scratched. Scone is a long way from the ‘Bool but stick fat.

4.14. Alpen Rose. Paid $1.50 and bolted in last start and now is $41. This race is a lot harder, but it is not that much harder!


5.3. Miss Rose De Lago. This mare is really good and she looks set for a great preparation. Even if she gets rolled, stick with her.

9.10. Refulgent. He will win sooner or later and he is at a better price than usual on Saturday.

Sunshine Coast

5.6. Skylimit. After opening at $12, this colt is already into $9. He is a gun horse, he will be in-front and he is the best of the day.

6.1. Index Linked. Should have won last start, but Boss was forced on to the worst part of the track. He will bounce back here.


2.6. Zanteca. Short price but looks a huge chance. Second best of the morning.

3.8. Cinnamon Carter. Will love the 2500m and can power over the top of them late at $15.

7.6. Lord of The Sky. Beaten an inch by the best 1200m horse in the world last start. A similar run here will see him bolt in at $15.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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Hello everyone

It sure is going to be hard to be a successful first season sire in the coming years. Just of late, Shooting to Win (one Group One win), Hallowed Crown (two Group One wins), Dissident (five Group One wins) and Wandjina (one Group One win) have all been retired to stud. It is a shame that the money is that good that three-year-old colts and most four-year-old entires are being rushed off to stud. The problem is that maybe apart from Dissident, these other colts were not that good! Vain and Todman were rushed off to stud but they were immortal champions. Pierro and All Too Hard were brilliant two and three-year-olds that won multiple Group One and Stakes races in both their seasons. The retirements this year seem unlikely to create much excitement at stud. Well Dissident should because he was brilliantly performed, and Wandjina still has a chance to win a Group One in England which will certainly help.

But never fear, as most of the Cox Plate horses are still in work and are looking good Cox Plate? So who will win the Cox Plate in 2015? Pornichet might, Vancouver might, but he too has already been sold to stud and the people who purchased him may not want him to extended to 2000m.  Here is the 2016 Cox Plate market…


And to be honest this actually looks a good market. Pornichet and Criterion are proven at 2000m as is Contributer. Nobel Protector and Fawkner are good chances and Alpine Eagle might be anything. So forget the sprinters that have been retired, the Cox Plate this yer actually looks a great race at this stage. Here are some replays to get you as excited as I am…

Pornichet’s first attempt at a 2000m Group One race in Australia. Imagine if he can accelerate like this around the bend at Moonee Valley??? Also have a look at the race below the Doomben Cup and note the horse that runs second…

Criterion at 2000m in Sydney during the Championships…

We have to point out that on a drier track, as Moonee Valley will be, the Japanese horses will be better suited.

Here is Contributer over 2000m in the Ranvet Stakes against a great field…

So the early Cox Plate tip, keeping in mind that betting now is not too smart so wait for the day… Nobel Protecter and Alpine Eagle.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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Another day

Hello everyone


Ok just a quick few tips. Form is done, but time is against me detailing why these horses have been tipped. However, a full preview of the Group One races has been done and is at the bottom of the post!


1.13. Coolidge

2.4. Flying Aurora

3.2. More Radiant


4.5. Religify

6.2. Craftiness – second best of the day.

9.10. Najoom – third best of the day.


6.1. Speediness

9.2. Kuro

Group One races

The Doomben Cup

This is a great race this year with the talented Zabeel gelding Leebaz back in form, and entire Pornichet really starting to hit his straps. More than anything, the track should be relatively dry which is something we have not seen for a little while. Traditionally the winner of this race has won, placed or run 4th in their previous start. In fact the stat is something like 29 of the last 30 winners have run no worse than 4th in their lead-up run to the Doomben Cup. This stat alone should rule out 1. Green Moon, 3. Moriarty, 4. Hawkspur, 6. Weary, 9. Escado, 12. Additive Habit, and 13. Silent Achiever. I am prepared to put the pen through these based on the abovementioned stat.

That leaves 2. Foreteller, 5. Banca Mo, 7. Leebaz, 8. I’m Imposing, 10. Pornichet, 11. Hopfgarten , 14. Gypsy Diamond, and 15. Epingle. This is where we will be looking and even still we can trim back the field further in regards to winning chances. Foreteller in not going well enough to win a Group One race at this stage so he is out. Banca Mo needs a heavy track and at WFA he surely is out classed. I’m Imposing is in great form although he doesn’t seem to be a horse that fits the profile of a Group One winner especially at a track he has never raced at. Hopfgarten got spanked by Pornichet last week and over a similar trip on Saturday he is meets the former French entire 2kg worse at the weights. And Epingle found the best part of the track at the Gold Coast to fluke one as the roughie of the field.

So where to look for the winner? Leebaz will be in front of Pornichet and really, these two look far and away the best chances. Pornichet could be anything and Leebaz clearly likes QLD. The only other one in my humble opinion is Gypsy Diamond. This mare is hard to catch, but she clearly has hit form since she arrived in QLD.

Winner – 7. Leebaz. He will be in-front rounding the turn, and these horses often hold on at Doomben. Hollindale Stakes winners also have a terrific record in the Doomben Cup.

Hardest to beat – 10. Pornichet. This entire is a Cox Plate horse in the making. If the track was wet, he would be close to a certainly.

Best long shot – 14. Gypsy Diamond. You know what they say about a mare in form! They generally stay in form.

The BTC Cup

Like the Doomben Cup, the two favourites in this race look far and away the best chances. However in this race, there is also a nice gelding that is at a ridiculous price. Cape Kidnappers is currently $51 and leaving out one race where he dumped his rider at the start, he has only ever missed a place once. He has never missed a place this track and trip or at the 1200m anywhere. He is an exceptional each way chance. However, most of the attention needs to be concentrated on Srikandi and Our Boy Malachi. For mine, Srikandi is a slight risk. She found the fast lane at the Gold Coast in a race that is nowhere near as tough as this race. However, like Our Boy Malachi, Srikandi is a winner. She, on a great majority of the time finishes in-front of her rivals. As does the gelding! Both these super horses have plenty of tricks; they both can win from up the front or just off the speed and the difference in barriers (Srikandi is a little wide) is the only reason the Rockhampton gelding is getting the nod.

Winner – 8. Our Boy Malachi. He has won 17 of 19 so while some might think is he due to lose, other like me only see the picket fence!

Hardest to beat – 15. Srikandi. Risk her this week then unleash on her in the 10,000 the Stradbroke and maybe even the Tiara.

Best longshot – 10. Cape Kidnappers. The best 50-1 chance I think I have ever seen.

The South Australian Derby

This race looks a touch easier than the two Group One events in Brisbane. 16. Delicacy has already proven she can beat the boys in a Derby (she won the WA Derby two starts ago) so she seem to not have any question mark around her whatsoever. The filly’s win in the SA Oaks was breathtaking and this could be an easier race. Delicacy is the best of the day anywhere in Australia.

Winner – 16. Delicacy. The best horse in the field by a mile and we can get $2.50. Snap it up!

Hardest to beat – 3. Magicool. Forget the last run. This gelding got no luck at all and he basically gave up. Should he get clear running he will give the favourite some kind of race.

Best long shot – 6. Allergic. Well placed and in good form, but he simply may not be good enough. One for the multiples perhaps.

Good luck and stay tuned.

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Day Three – Come on the gods of the punt… give us something!

Hello everyone

So how are we all going heading into day three? A Turf Fascination has been fair without setting the world on fire, but now the big races are here and it is the time to shine. No more of this best, hardest to beat and longshot bullshit. No more! Just one or maybe two in each race. And a little footnote, should you want to bet against A Turf Fascination in the Warrnambool betting ring tomorrow, you just may be able to…

Race 1.

Minimal idea here, however 13. Mister Miyagi looks well over the odds. So back him!

Race 2.

6. Clifton Park. Forget the fact that Bernborough, the horse that built this website, did all his early racing at Clifton Park in Toowoomba. And forget that the Lady who pays the bills at A Turf Fascination just won the Toowoomba Cup at Clifton Park with a French entire. Forget all that! This horse likes the wet and I am pretty sure I just saw a turtle walking up the driveway!

Race 3.

3. Falago. When this horse wins, rather than take the time to write A Turf Fascination an email that says something like ‘why would you tip a $2.30 chance? What is the point of backing it?’ Think – would you rather turn your $10 into $23 or put $10 on a 50-1 chance and turn it into $0? Needless to say, this horse is a special.

Race 4.

12. Racing Writer. Yep – My job!

Race 5.

13. Shamardashing. If he jumps them all he will win. Far too classy on the flat and likes the wet. This horse was one of the original purchases for Nathan Tinkler back in the day.

Race 6.

Ok two here, but both are at value and there is no preference over either. 3. Double Dee – will be storming home. 5. First Bloom – has conditions to suit.

Race 7.

The Grand Annual. The top tip is 3. Regina Coeli. I am prepared to risk 1. Lord of the Song barbecue even money about a horse in a race virtually from Port Fairy to Alice Springs is a big risk. Have a little something on 4. Dhaafer at the $12 and if Valediction runs, he will be leading for a long way.

Race 8.

The Warrnambool Cup. Years ago, a horse named Air Seattle won this race. I backed him this day in the mid ’90s because of Michael ‘Air’ Jordan and because Nirvana, the greatest band of the last 30 years were from Seattle. Anyway, this year please have two each way bets. 2. Tooleybuc Kid and 9. Lucciola. Both will start near enough to $10.

Race 9.

Ok, another tommy two bets. 8. Ventic will be hard to beat but will be favourite and 2. Glaneuse will love the conditions.

Race 10.

The ultimate get out stakes. The last of 29 races over three days. 13. Kraftwerk is the best for the day.

Good luck and stay tuned.


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